The mainstream media is denying many Americans their right to be aware of what is happening and the significance of rise in occurrence of crime due to the rebellion of citizens.   Are these outrageous, cold-blooded crimes going to be to the point of catching us off guard turning innocent unaware citizens into victims? I see none of this on the news channels where I live. Not being reported as one category of coverage to be seen in every county and state at least to extend to coverage of bordered states should be reported to all as The Coverage of Our Very Real Crisis unfolding as quickly as a domino effect. People are justifying their immoral evilness living in them. The people that have it and suppress it well are being tempted and tainted and guided and encouraged through speeches of leaders of various groups. People have become blind. Why do so many sit comfortably in their homes ignoring what’s outside and believing it will just go away and resolve on its own. America needs to be told we are all in the midst of a battlefield we have never known before. DRIVEN BY SOCIAL MEDIA and Having cowardly government leaders. WAKE UP! PAY ATTENTION! PREPARE AND PLAN FOR THE WORST! Have PROTECTION! HAVE A FLEE PLAN! America is blind and the unaware will be blindsided not even recognizing it. SOCIAL MEDIA IS IN  EXISTENCE AND IT’s POWER IS LARGE AND SHOULD NOT BE UNDERESTIMATED! I FORSEE A CATASTROPHE OF tragedy resulting from a trusting people being deceived by the media in withholding information from citizens and not reporting information needed to give us the opportunity to act in a timely manner and prepare for possible outcomes we can only recognize and FORSEE if we are given the information. People not owning guns or enough guns for their family members to use as individual protection in emergency situations will be a consequence of DISHONESTY  and WITHOLDING OF INFORMATION from our News media combined with a corrupt Non-law abiding Government  completely disregarding the constitution and snatching our ease in accessing and purchasing firearms in the blink of an eye just as they were to ignorant to realize all the fires spreading from social media and all the factors of deception to citizens are about to collide leaving no time to jump through hoops required to purchase firearms. People are lost in the inability to recognize the drastic change in the world as it is today. That’s just my opinion and I wish people would see what we are facing. This is a new FUEL TO THE FIRE OF CAUSATION AND OCCURRENCE and We SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO REALITY.

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