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The dangers of social media are very real.  A lot of topics need to be  discussed in the world we live in today in an appropriate manner.  My best friend and I were talking about a blog and I let him come up with the idea.  However, it is not a site for mean or hateful words.  It is a site for discussing issues that are real and viewing things from different angles and perspectives.  Step outside of the box and look from a different angle.  We are all different and nobody has to be perfectly right all of the time.  The issues that need to be discussed are real, however.  Every person views things differently and we need to listen to each other and communicate without getting angry or mad.  The goal is to help people recognize we are all different and to make the world a better place for everyone and ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN, who will be our FUTURE LEADERS.  I need help with that issue myself.  Their are issues that need to be addressed among people and it needs to be done before terrible things happen.  Social media is the NEW OUTLET FOR BULLYING.  OUR KIDS ARE TALKING TO STRANGERS. ALL GAMES INTERACT WITH OTHERS IT SEEMS.  ITS A NEW WORLD.  LETS DISCUSS IT.

We Are Good and We Fight the Good Fight Together.  Through Healthy Debate.  We should make an example on how to act and discuss things.  Not only is this helping others.  It’s helping me right now.  My children need guidance.  Other children obviously need it too.  Look at the truth for a moment and not entertainment.  There is a right way and wrong way and differences amongst the people who care can make the way together.  I love my best friend who is also a victim of sociocultural shock to social media and the fires it can start.  I’m in shock as well and it’s a hard thing to deal with.  It can happen to anyone and our children are becoming victims.  We may be victims ourselves and not even realize it.

Regarding Ashley Madison Being Hacked

I have come to realize that there are various news sources in the world of social media today and people need to be aware of how easy it is to make false news media reports that look real.  I have heard that Ashley Madison was hacked.  Also, that names have been released and become public.  This is not how to handle these types of issues America.  Discussing the site and the way Americans feel about it publicly so that others have the chance to think about there actions and joining the site is the way to go.  Also, if spouses find out their significant other is a member they should have insight on causes and human nature and repentance and forgiveness.  Outing names for fun is NOT THE ANSWER.  DISCUSSION AND BRINGING THE ISSUE TO ATTENTION GIVING PEOPLE KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, AND CHOICES IS CIVIL AND MORAL.

Billy Graham on the Crisis of Moral Deterioration | Decision Magazine | BGEA


“The fourth great crisis in American history is the crisis of the present moment. Our nation at this moment is being threatened as it has not been threatened since the Civil War. We are being threatened by moral deterioration. “Quoted by Billy Graham

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