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Billy Graham on the Crisis of Moral Deterioration | Decision Magazine | BGEA


“The fourth great crisis in American history is the crisis of the present moment. Our nation at this moment is being threatened as it has not been threatened since the Civil War. We are being threatened by moral deterioration. “Quoted by Billy Graham

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Healthy Debate

As I sit here, boggling my mind regarding how to introduce this site, I realize this isn’t a college research paper. Why do we spend so much time wondering what others want to hear? What will appeal to others? Writing is something that I am made for.  For me (the type of writer I am), writing is something that must be inspired and come from my truth.  If you don’t mean it. If you don’t feel it. Don’t write it. So, I am going to do as I please. That is saying what I want to say. I want to be brave. I want to use my words honestly without fear of rejection. As a matter of fact, I invite conflicting opinions. Thinking about it now, as I write, rejection is a word I view as an intended form of hate. Conflicting opinions has a more peaceful and rightful stamp on its meaning from my perspective. The purpose of this blog is to engage in healthy debate on a wide range of topics without placing judgment or forcing hateful labels on anyone because of their perspective. My personal definition of Rejection and Conflicting opinions are as follows:

Rejection – Outright, cruel, hateful words from a hateful heart with the intent to hurt another human being entitled to their own feelings and views.

*Note*     Rejection based on not associating with someone because of their refusal to know basic rights and wrongs above all else is different than Rejection I am speaking of.  Also, we can choose not to let those in our everyday personal lives and homes due to our universal right to choose the type of people we want to let in our close space. But, we still love these people as humans and would never say hateful things to them or be cruel to them. We still call them our friends. We have friends at work, friends at our kids extracurricular activity events, friends at the bar we have an occasional drink at, friends at the places we do volunteer work for, and so on. There are different levels of relationships and it is normal to have those with views in alignment with yours in your close relationship circle.   We can live amongst others respectfully because we respect that we have differences.  At the core, that does not make you a bad person who deserves to be intentionally treated bad.  Hate and cruel intent towards someone is wrong and I will not associate with such people.  A common understanding of the many differences in humans that make up this world and how we develop and have the right to choose who is in different relationship levels with us is a choice. This understanding will give people the ability to engage in healthy debate without feeling offended or discriminated against.  It will also allow people to state their feelings without being afraid of offending others.

Conflicting opinions – Every human being has the individual right to view an issue from a different side than another person.We have the right to express our reasoning behind our beliefs and do so feeling respected and heard with an open mind. The purpose of this blog is to engage in healthy debate on a wide range of topics without placing judgement or forcing hateful labels on anyone because of their perspective.  My feelings on how Healthy Debate is defined  and what that means as far as the hopes I have for this blog.

Healthy Debate

Conflicting opinions result in healthy debate. Opinions and views on issues are the result of individual life experiences that also played a vital role in the development of individual morals and values. Diversity in life experience is a beautiful thing in this world. We all experience different upbringings, different achievements, different life trauma’s, different life joys, and so on. We witness human interaction and family interaction in our homes as we grow up differently. This is a fact and that fact gives us the right to our own opinions. It gives us the right to be heard and explain what has brought us to our final conclusion to have a view on something. Healthy Debate involves acknowledgement of differences amongst our life experiences and exposures and, in turn, leaves us being open to hearing their reasoning behind something, regardless of the sensitivity of the subject. “I am open to hear you out and respect your rights to your feelings as long as you allow me to give my views and explain why I feel that way” At the end of the day, I am not trying to force you to change and I am not expecting you to try to force me to change. I agree to disagree on some topics and still be friendly, so long as hate is not involved. I am going to post this in sections, rather than in one long drawn out article. Any feelings on the purpose of this blog and points I want readers to hear me out on will be posted here. We are human and we have the need and right to be heard before being labeled. We have the right to speak on topics without fear of judgment. We have the right to have a place to go where things are as they should be. Individual differences are respected and allow us to explore different perspectives and understand life from a much deeper level of understanding. Heated debates exist and we can state our views in defense of what we believe with passion and our truth driving strong statements backed by powerful points supporting our statements. We can walk away from the debate with a handshake and feeling good about having said what we needed and people having the opportunity to hear our voice and reasoning.